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The horse racing sport has been here for a while. It actually started thousands of years ago with several different tribes within Asia. These tribe were the first ones who were able to domesticate the horse.

Afterwards, the Greeks and Romans also made it popular. We’re sure you’ve heard of the coliseum and the chariot races.

Thousands of years after, it became quite famous and modern in England in around the 12th century. In the 1600s, the sport was brought from over the pond to America, but it took more than 200 years for horse racing to be an organized endeavor.

What is it about horse racing that people like so much? Is it the gallant horses racing through the tracks? Is it the rush of each horse’s step as it battles to come out ahead? The tension and excitement in each horse?

Maybe it’s all of these, and more.

The Horse Racing Information team are all enthusiasts about the horse racing sport. It is the goal of our website to spread as much information as we can about to as many readers as possible in order to spread the enjoyment and appreciation of the horse racing sport and activity.

We write articles on a variety of topic related to horse racing. These include the best race horses of all time, the best races of all time, and many others.