horse bet - 4 Tips to Winning at Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is a very lucrative business. People who bet on horse races can make a killing if they get their bets right. There are many things that people can look at for winning. These are called angles.

Let’s look at several angles you should be looking at when betting.


The first angle you want to look at is trainers. Horse racing is not an easy sport. While people sometimes think that the breed of the horse is all that matters, that isn’t really the whole picture. The trainer is also as important as the horses that they breed and train.

When you start, you should first look at the record of the trainers. How is their win and loss record? At what types of turf do they excel at? You can study their statistics through racing form or through Equibase. This is a very important and telling aspect.

Next, you need to look at the habits of trainers. Some trainers are better at certain things than other trainers. You have to find that out.

Risk the Surface

Horses have favored surfaces. Some like turf, while others like dirt. From this information alone, it would be easy to think that the tip would be to stick to the surface that your horse is best at.

However, sometimes the best thing to do is to risk the surface. There are just sometimes where just like a miracle, a turf horse instantly wins on dirt and vice versa.

Watch out for the signs. If a turf horse begins having trouble on turf, don’t be afraid to bet on them if it is dirt.

two jockey - 4 Tips to Winning at Horse Race Betting

The Speed

There is also a need to look at the lone speed of a horse. If the horse you are betting on simply likes to go fast and blazes to the front of the pack, chances are that they are very comfortable at the head of the pack.

When this happens, this also means that the jockey can afford to slow them down when they are in the lead. They can relax a bit at first and save more stamina for when it really matters.


Finally, we have layoffs. This is actually applicable to any sport. If a horse is coming off of a long layoff and they haven’t ran in a while, chances are tat they won’t do so good this race.

However, that was the first race back. If they do poorly their first race back, don’t worry about it. It is a good thing though as it serves to make their odds bigger for the next race. This will be the time where you can bet on them and make a killing.

These are only a few betting tips and angles in horse racing. The Horse Racing Information team hopes you find success in your endeavors, and that you enjoy responsible gambling.