Best Blogs About Horse Racing

horse with girl - Best Blogs About Horse Racing

There are a lot of great bloggers out there that also help to spread the word and enthusiasm of horse racing. Finding and reading other blogs is a great way to gain more perspectives and information about horse racing.

Let’s check out several blogs that you can read about horse racing.

Paulick Report

Let’s start this off with the Paulick Report. It is a very comprehensive website regarding horse racing and is hosted by author Ray Paulick.

The comprehensiveness of the website comes from the depth of topics covered in the Paulick Report site. It starts out by outlining the horse racing top stories of the day.

Afterwards, it separates the articles they right into the horse racing business section, regarding people, about races, and more. There are also some weekly features that cover some great topics such as dieting for horses and tracing the lineage of certain horses.

Moreover though, the site also has an area dedicated to breeders. All manner of topics are included there such as bloodlines, veterinarians, the science behind speed ratings, and many more.

America’s Best Racing

Next up we have America’s Best Racing or ABR. This website was created by The Jockey Club.

The mission of ABR is to enhance the presence of horse racing in America by covering the best thoroughbred races.

One focus of the site is lifestyle. Several articles often look at the owners of prestigious thoroughbreds, the amazing houses and areas where horses are bred, and even restaurants that you might want to go to next time you visit an event.