As the webs premier Horseracing Information racing club, we like you are looking for the best racing information we can acquire about each days racing. This information comes from the top forty professional tipsters advertising in the racing pages, which cost well over £2000 per month to join. We are looking for members to share this information and cost with us. We keep a full record of all the advices relayed, which are on display to all members and collate this information into profit/loss tables both in a Monthly Table and Overall Table. There is also a profit/loss table for all the Maximum Bets advised. The service can be relayed by either the E-Mail Service, Text Message to your mobile phone and via the website where the updates are instant throughout the day. Ensuring you get on at the prices advised. For full details of the service and pricing see Joining Page or please send your email address and we will return them asap.
One of the secrets to making betting pay is to figure out who and when to listen to. Tipsters, just like jockeys and trainers, have purple patches. One reason being the source of their information. If their sources are doing well then needless to say they are also doing well. What we aim to provide here at the RELAYLINE is the information for you to judge for yourselves the present and recent form of all the services we relay. To join all these services costs a small fortune and if like the majority of the services who lose money week after week it costs you a lot more. Joining us will provide you with all the information you need to decide for yourselves who to follow and when. Forget the claims these services advertise in the press, for although they must proof their selections to the papers in advance, they have found ways around advertising all their losing selections and claims of huge profits are in some cases false. We will be entering all the selections for each of the services in the Profit/Loss Tables Page enabling all to see the true performance of each service day by day and on a monthly basis on the Tables Page. Probably the most successful bets are the maximum bets advised by each service and by relaying around twenty different services there are plenty to follow. These along with the best value bets for the days racing are used to form the suggested bets (see bottom section). In the Profit/Loss Tables all normal bets are counted as a 1 point win or 1 point e/way whereas the maximum bets are classed as a 5 points win or 5 points e/way bet and settled accordingly minus the stake of course. Some of the bets are rounded up or down and betting tax is not included but it should give a fair indication of the performance of the services.
When first designing the site the idea was to password protect it and allow only members to enter but as you may have seen in the changes that have been made we have decided to open the site to all and charge for the relaying of advices instead. This was in response to your comments and ideas, some people feeling they could not access the site from their work place but being able to access their e-mail to retrieve the advices, to which we agree is probably the best solution. The relay service as stated consist of 1/2 hourly updates from 10.30am onwards throughout the day. The information is also available through the site and the web page is automatically updated every two minutes giving you the info as it arrives and allowing you the chance to get on at the prices advised.

All the information in the Profit/Loss Tables page is updated after that days racing has finished. We feel due to the responses received this is the simplest and most convenient method of running the site and but again would still appreciate any suggestions from yourselves, remember we are here to provide a service to you.

The most important thing to remember when gambling seriously is to keep a record of all transactions. For some reason we all tend to recall the winners we have but forget how much it has cost before those winners appear. Keep a record of the total amount of bets placed and don’t forget to include the tax. A starting bank is a must, this should be approximately 20 times your maximum stake per bet, enabling you a sequence of 20 losing bets in a row before your bust. When you win always top up your bank to the original amount before spending any profits. Remember most businesses aim for a 10% profit on money laid out, you to need to do the same. Its no good thinking you can double your investment every day, to win you have to lose. I guess the reason we gamble is that the buzz of winning money far outweighs the feeling of losing, but both feelings need to be kept under control. Keep this in mind when you win, remember gambling is a very unstable business to be in and you can never guarantee when your next payday will be. Never be afraid to back each way a £10 treble on three 2/1 shots makes a healthy 50% profit on your investment and a 4/1 place gives you your money back, ok so you haven’t won anything but better still you haven’t lost! Think of each bet as an investment look for the value on offer and learn to plan your betting to achieve a profit and cut your losses. Follow the tipsters who are in form use the tables and recent tips as a guide, remember these guys are doing this for a living and although most are good at what they do they cant help giving out some losers nobody wins all the time.
Any form of investing or speculating, being it betting on horses or playing the stock market, should have a well planned strategy backed by a strong foundation for identifying opportunities and value within the selected field if it is to be successful in the long run. All forms of predicting the outcome of an event is a risky business, yet betting on the outcome of a race is one of the few forms of legal gambling that offers the informed punter a realistic chance of emerging a winner. The simple fact that most bookies survive in the industry is down to the mug punters who frequent their premises day in day out, backing their favourite horses every time they run or the same forecast on the dogs in each race or the blind favourite backers, who rely on lady luck to make their fortune and are driven on by their greed for the big payout which more often than not never arrives. If you are serious about winning then you must resist the temptations on offer the bookies is no place to spend your day, put your bet on and get out, only return to pick up your winnings or put your bet on for the next days racing. The betting industry is changing the fact that you can put a bet on in just two clicks from within this site is testimony to that, and with the tax concessions on offer if you are able to use this facility you should. Remember in the shops you are giving away 9% of your profit on every bet. It isn’t difficult to get into the habit of winning but firstly you need to think like a winner. Every bet counts if you are unsure of the outcome don’t back it; instead invest that money on something you are sure about. Use the information on the site to your advantage and plan your betting around the advice on offer. Think like a winner but don’t be afraid of losing, you have to lose to win.
With the records available from all the tipsters look through the results on offer decide which option suits your style of betting. Look at the tipster advises and the price range they pick. If you’re a Maximum bet, an E/way or Win backer find the service most suited to your method of betting. Although looking over the results posted so far you couldn’t go wrong backing all the selections as win singles the first week providing a handsome profit of 24.3 points that is to say at £100 stakes per point advised your profit would have been £2430.00 not bad in a week! But of course not everybody has that kind of staking money, still even at £10 per point its £243.00 for a weeks work. Remember its up to you to decide in which way you use the information but it is important that you sit down and work out some kind of betting strategy to make the most of the info on offer. Try to get a starting bank together and use it for betting purposes only, make it around 20 times your maximum stake, and always top up when you win. If you bank is smaller than needed start of with smaller stakes you can always increase them as you win and your bank increases. Never chase money if you lose, always stick to your plan, remember you have to lose to win. If you follow the advice given and think like a winner there’s no reason why you should succeed. It works for us and it will work for you if you stick to the rules.

For those who are unsure or new to betting we started a suggested bets section on the 1st of September and based on the selections of the best tipsters and maximum bets are a guide to how we are using the information supplied. Starting with a bank of £1,000.00 and backing selections according to strength of information, value of price on offer, and the tipster providing the information the bank has grown to over £11,400.00. To follow these bets it would be a good idea to open as many accounts with as many bookmakers as possible, a full list of bookmakers can be found on the daily update page (available to members only). Every selection carries the stake amount and the bookmaker giving best available price. Obviously you will need to stake in accordance to the amount of your own bank but we do indicate the percentage of your bank you should be staking. For full details of all the suggested bets we have had please see the suggested bets page and use the links at the bottom of the suggested bets page for previous monthly bets.