race horse white - 2 Race Horses to Watch Today

In Horse Racing Information’s previous article, we spoke about the best race horses throughout history. As with any sport, it is important to look back and see the greats that have come before. These horses have helped to push the sport forward and ensured that horse racing is where it is right now.

While these horses are held in reverence, it is also very important in knowing the horses that are out today. Let’s take a look at a couple of race horses that you should look out for in today’s horse races.

race back view - 2 Race Horses to Watch Today

Expert Eye

The first horse we’ll be looking at is called Expert Eye.

Expert Eye was foaled early in 2015. This makes him three years old right now, the starting and some say prime age for racing.

Last year, no one would think that this horse would be on this list. Initially, at the start of 2017, Expert Eye was also on the watchlist. However, a disappointing race on October of that year derailed any momentum that Expert Eye had. He came in 9th at the Dewhurst Stakes.

However, he quickly bounced back in Glorious Godwood where he won the race by at least five lengths. This allowed Expert Eye to once again be recognized in expert’s eyes.

He is currently the favorite to win the 2000 Guineas, but with the past experience, it is wise to wonder whether history will repeat itself again.

Nevertheless, whatever may happen, Expert Eye is one to look out for. He could very well come out as one of the best in the world.

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Next up we have Clemmie. Like Expert Eye, Clemmie started off with a lackluster performance. However, in 2018, she has worked her way up to become the horse that people are all looking out for. She is the current favorite for the 1000 Guineas right now.

Despite her lack of size, she has the speed to become one of the best.

Here are only a few current horses to watch out for. With the talent on the field right now, we are excited to see where horse racing will go from here.