yellow rider - 2 of the Best Race Horses in History

When any sport continues to thrive and be supported, it is inevitable that the cream of the crop rises to the top. It doesn’t matter if its an individual sport, a team sport, or horse racing. The best always get recognized. This is good for us as it makes for some great sporting moments.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best race horses to ever run down the racetrack throughout history.


The first horse that Horse Racing Information will present is Secretariat. Secretariat is one of the most recognizable names in horse racing. He is definitely one of the most famous horses in history.

One interesting thing about Secretariat is that he wasn’t always suited to the high life. He had humble beginnings and fought his way up. People initially thought that Secretariat was not suited to racing due to its interest in eating above anything else. The first race of Secretariat had lackluster results with a fourth place finish.

racing horse - 2 of the Best Race Horses in History

However, almost two weeks later, he won his next race. People started wondering if he was indeed special. Then, it was off to the races for him. He had a record of 16 wins and 3 losses.

The thing that made Secretariat special though was that most of his wins were by large margins. It was a landslide.

At the time, he won a total of $1.3 million. If this is converted to today’s money, it would be more than $7 million, which is how much the current winningest horse, Gun Runner, has amassed.

Secretariat passed away at 19 years of age due to an enlarged heart that was more than twice the size of other horses.

Man O’ War

Next up is another horse that is quite known throughout the horse racing world. It is Man O’ War.

At the time, sporting legends were not a thing. Except for Man O’ War of course. He was one of the first sporting greats to emerge on to the scene.

horse with wheels - 2 of the Best Race Horses in History

Man O’ War was a wild horse with a violent temper. However, once it was managed, people saw how amazing it was on the race track. His record stands at 20 wins and 1 loss.

These are only a couple of the best racehorses throughout history. In our next article, we’ll be looking at current race horses